One of the decisions that you’ll have to make in your journey as a web developer is that one of picking up a library or a framework to specialize in, Although some experienced developers heat this idea of using libraries because they think it’s a lazy and easy way to build things.

For client-side or front-end web development after learning JavaScript, Html, and CSS the decision of picking up a library or a framework is not tricky, because you’ve got 5 potential choices: React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, and jQuery.

However, in 2021 JQuery doesn’t fit in the equation with those 4 if you want to understand why you can check the link below:

Should You Learn jQuery in 2021?

Get rid of jQuery. Now we have 4 beautiful technologies supported by a large crowd of developers and companies, since we’ve mentioned React library early in the title, we are going to talk about it and things that we need to set up for a comfortable react environment.


You may already know what’s React, but for those of you who don’t know without those difficulties and in concise :

React is just a JavaScript library for building the UI(User Interface).

The description below is the same description used by Facebook, the inventor of React, to describe this famous library on React website.

React is declarative, it describes how does the UI structure of your page should look like by implementing components, and to do that, react use a weird syntax called JSX (JavaScript XML), it’s an Html markup mixed with customized tags, just like regulars tags in Html but customized ones.

Now after we have introduced React, let’s see some things that you should practically have to write React code in a comfortable environment.

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