Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Accessible

Trying to increase the audience for a WordPress blog?

Well, one sole solution to this arduous task is exploiting mobile technology. Over the past years, this technology has outgrown as a necessary part of us. It is often a sight to find someone indulged in these small-screen devices.

Today, we can get everything on mobile phones that was only accessible via desktops. Ranging from communication to playing games, to exploring apps, to completing purchases, everything is being done smoothly via smartphones. The eruption of 4G and 5G networks have given a spark to such trends.

Almost 70 percent of people hold a smartphone and keep it handy to do perform multiple activities. And, reading articles or blogs or other stuff is also being done on these devices.

Now, if you have successfully developed a website with the help of a WordPress developer, you must focus on bringing the traffic. Undoubtedly, there are multiple ways in which you can fetch traffic. But, mobile phones remain the best and easy to capture the audience for your business offerings.

How to make a WordPress blog site mobile accessible?

No doubt, smartphones hold their existence several years ago. Still, many businesses tend to ignore their prowess when it comes to increasing audience and business revenues. However, it should not be the actual scenario.

If you own a WordPress site, it is crucial to make it undergo a mobile-friendliness test. Having to mention, Google Test is amongst the most reliable ones that provide you great insights into a website status on mobile-friendliness.

Considering mobile-friendliness for your website needs to be the most important task for the site owners. And, how such mobile-friendliness can be achieved, is listed below in pointers. Let’s begin!

  • Choose a mobile-friendly theme

Themes play a pivotal role in making a WordPress store mobile-friendly. Always seek for one that holds all the necessary elements that contribute towards your aim.

Talking about WordPress, it offers a huge range of free and premium themes that come with rich functionalities built on contemporary technologies. Divi, Uncode, etc. are some best-known mobile-friendly WordPress themes available. Also, you can think of customized themes tailored to specific needs.

  • Explore AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages help your web pages to load as quickly as possible on mobile platforms. These significantly help you to enhance the user experience along with Google’s search engine rankings for your respective website.

  • AMP HTML- for custom HTML tags,

  • AMP Styling- develop a deploy-ready website,

  • and, AMP JavaScript- helps to replace existing JS for easy and fast loading websites.

These three are the main components on which the overall structure of these pages depends. With AMPs, you also don’t need to alter the primary code structure to achieve higher performance occurrences.

  • Minimize unnecessary elements

Mobile devices come with smaller screen sizes in comparison to desktops or tablets. Therefore, we can display the same web content on mobile phones. And, if we try to do that, the UX will hamper and no user will like an overcrowded page of the website.

Therefore, try to eliminate unnecessary elements like content, visuals, etc. that is not much important as other essentials.

Taking whole things into consideration, preparing a WordPress site for the mobile world is not a simple task. It involves a lot of concentration, preparation, and technical involvement to an extent. Therefore, try to imply all together for great success in your endeavors.

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Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Accessible
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