I’ve been working with low-code tools for years, building automations, integrations, and APIs. Recently, I’ve wondered whether we’ve advanced far enough to use a low-code platform as the back-end for a single page application (SPA). It seems to be a nice combination — the SPA can be hosted anywhere, the API is quick and easy to develop, and they can evolve independently of each other e.g. if you need a native app just develop the UI and use the same API.

So, I decided to see whether we can by building a web application from scratch where

  • The developer (me) is not a full-time developer.

  • The application must interface with other systems.

  • The application must persist data.


Most non-trivial web applications require some kind of user onboarding and authentication with a database to store data and a back-end to do the processing. In this case, I included interfacing with a SaaS product (Xero) using OAuth2 to make sure we can handle some complexity.

The application, therefore, has the following features

  • Signup.

  • Login.

  • Logout.

  • Connect to Xero.

  • Disconnect from Xero.

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The Quickest Way to Give Your SPA an API
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