Building blocks for strongly typed polymorphic Components in React

react-polymorphic-box .Building blocks for strongly typed polymorphic components in React.

💡 Motivation

Popularized by Styled Components v4, the as prop allows changing the HTML tag rendered by a component, e.g.:

import { Box } from 'react-polymorphic-box';
import { Link } from 'react-router-dom';

<Box as="a" href="">GitHub</Box>
<Box as={Link} to="/about">About</Box>

While this pattern has been encouraged by several libraries, typings had lacked support for polymorphism, missing benefits like:

  • Automatic code completion, based on the value of the as prop
  • Static type checking against the associated component’s inferred props
  • HTML element name validation

📚 Usage

A Heading component can demonstrate the effectiveness of polymorphism:

<Heading color="rebeccapurple">Heading</Heading>
<Heading as="h3">Subheading</Heading>

Custom components like the previous one may utilize the package as shown below.

import React from 'react';
import { Box, PolymorphicComponentProps } from 'react-polymorphic-box';

// Component-specific props should be specified separately
export interface HeadingOwnProps {
  color?: string;

// Merge own props with others inherited from the underlying element type
export type HeadingProps<
  E extends React.ElementType
> = PolymorphicComponentProps<E, HeadingOwnProps>;

// An HTML tag or a different React component can be rendered by default
const defaultElement = 'h2';

export function Heading<E extends React.ElementType = typeof defaultElement>({
}: HeadingProps<E>): JSX.Element {
  // The `as` prop may be overridden by the passed props
  return <Box as={defaultElement} style={{ color, }} {...restProps} />;

Forwarding Refs

Library authors should consider encapsulating reusable components, passing a ref through each of them:

import React from 'react';
import { Box } from 'react-polymorphic-box';

export const Heading = React.forwardRef(
  <E extends React.ElementType = typeof defaultElement>(
    { ref, color, style, ...restProps }: HeadingProps<E>,
    innerRef: typeof ref,
  ) => {
    return (
        style={{ color, }}
) as <E extends React.ElementType = typeof defaultElement>(
  props: HeadingProps<E>,
) => JSX.Element;


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Building blocks for strongly typed polymorphic Components in React
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