Jacdac-ts: A JavaScript/TypeScript Library for Jacdac

Jacdac for JavaScript/TypeScript

Jacdac is a plug-and-play hardware/software stack for microcontrollers and their peripherals (sensors/actuators), with applications to rapid prototyping, making, and physical computing.

Developer setup

  • clone this repository and pull all submodules
git clone https://github.com/microsoft/jacdac-ts
git submodule update --init --recursive
git pull
  • install node.js
  • install yarn
[sudo] npm install -g yarn
  • install dependencies
yarn install --frozen-lockfile

Visual Studio Code

You are welcome to use any editor you want! Visual Studio Code provides seamless support for git sub-modules and is our preferred editor.

code .
  • install the recommended extensions (MDX, ESLint and Prettier extensions)
  • in the Git view, click on the jacdac branch and select main so that changes are automatically synched


To have a watch developement,

yarn watch

otherwise to build all libraries

yarn dist

Specs build

To regenerate the service definition JSON files from the .md files in jacdac-spec, run

yarn buildspecs

Unit tests

We use Mocha to run the unit test suite from /tests. To execute the tests,

yarn test


Run the following command to detect linting issues

yarn lint

Jacdac + MakeCode

Local build

Run this command to rebuild the makecode packages

yarn buildpxt

HTML Tools

Launch a small web server and try all the tools under /tools/* at http://localhost:8080/tools . These tools load the files under dist so you'll want to also run yarn watch on the side.

yarn tools

These tools are also available on the GitHub pages of this repository:


Commits create releases

The releases are automatically created by the build system based on the title of the commit:

  • patch:... or fix:... patch
  • minor:... or feature:... minor

Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct

This project is hosted at https://github.com/microsoft/jacdac-ts. This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct.


This repository contains a TypeScript/JavaScript client library for the Jacdac protocol.

The rest of this page is for developers of the jacdac-ts library.

Download Details:

Author: microsoft
Source Code: https://github.com/microsoft/jacdac-ts 
License: MIT license

#javascript #typescript 

Jacdac-ts: A JavaScript/TypeScript Library for Jacdac
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