There are dozens of articles about Code Review (you will find some links at the bottom of this article), but from time to time it is a good idea to revisit the basics or just find everything you know about the topic for industry newcomers.

I won’t show you the tools [1] nor try to convince you that you should make code reviews. In this article I will try to remind you of the basic rules and answer one simple question:

What actually is a Code Review?

Code Review, in simple terms, is a process where you manually review code written by other developers in your team. The goal of the process is to care about code quality, but also (if not most importantly) to improve knowledge sharing throughout the team.

It can be done commit by commit or on pull requests. Asynchronously or in pairs. The approach that you choose is less important; just agree on an approach that fits your team and project and start doing it. What is important is to make Code Review a regular habit.

During Code Review you are in one of two roles - the reviewer or the one being reviewed.

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Egoless Programming: Code Review
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