Leaderboard and Visualization for RLCard with Python

RLCard Showdown

This is the GUI support for the RLCard project and DouZero project. RLCard-Showdown provides evaluation and visualization tools to help understand the performance of the agents. It includes a replay module, where you can analyze the replays, and a PvE module, where you can play with the AI interactively. Currently, we only support Leduc Hold’em and Dou Dizhu. The frontend is developed with React. The backend is based on Django and Flask. Have fun!

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Zha, Daochen, et al. “RLCard: A Platform for Reinforcement Learning in Card Games.” IJCAI. 2020.

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RLCard-Showdown has separated frontend and backend. The frontend is built with React and the backend is based on Django and Flask.


To set up the frontend, you should make sure you have Node.js and NPM installed. Normally you just need to manually install Node.js, and the NPM package would be automatically installed together with Node.js for you. Please refer to its official website for installation of Node.js.

You can run the following commands to verify the installation

node -v
npm -v

For backend, make sure that you have Python 3.6+ and pip installed.

Install Frontend and Backend

The frontend can be installed with the help of NPM:

git clone -b master --single-branch --depth=1 https://github.com/datamllab/rlcard-showdown.git
cd rlcard-showdown
npm install

The backend of leaderboard can be installed with

pip3 install -r requirements.txt
cd server
python3 manage.py migrate
cd ..

Run RLCard-Showdown

  1. Launch the backend of leaderboard with
cd server
python3 manage.py runserver

  1. Download the pre-trained models in Google Drive or 百度网盘 提取码: qh6s. Extract it in pve_server/pretrained.

In a new terminal, start the PvE server (i.e., human vs AI) of DouZero with

cd pve_server
python3 run_douzero.py

Alternatively, you can start the PvE server interfaced with RLCard:

cd pve_server
python3 run_dmc.py

They are conceptually the same with minor differences in state representation and training time of the pre-trained models (DouZero is fully trained with more than a month, while DMC in RLCard is only trained for hours).

  1. Run the following command in another new terminal under the project folder to start frontend:
npm start

You can view leaderboard at and PvE demo of Dou Dizhu at The backend of leaderboard will run in The PvE backend will run in






Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop an email to Songyi Huang for the frontend or Daochen Zha for backend.


We would like to thank JJ World Network Technology Co., LTD for the generous support, Chieh-An Tsai for user interface design, and Lei Pan for the help in visualizations.

Download Details:

Author: datamllab
Download Link: Download The Source Code
Official Website: https://github.com/datamllab/rlcard-showdown

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Leaderboard and Visualization for RLCard with Python
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