What is the Easiest Way to Hire a React Developer?

React is a popular programming framework for creating an application. According to the latest research, react ranks as the second most desired web framework. The demand and popularity of React developers is growing in the app development market. The role of react developer observes a staggering 184% enhancement in a number of positions.

Why React Developers?

If you are a medium-sized or large-scale business owner, you must hire dedicated react experts. Whether you plan to create a stunning application with an intuitive interface, working with the best developer is essential for a successful project.

· A developer is entirely responsible for building and managing an app with a better interface and UI elements using React.

· It is a mandatory javascript library for creating the front-end application.

· The developer’s role is to design and update UI for mobile and web applications.

1. Necessity of react developer:

Many organizations and business owners need professional React developers to create apps. You must understand the primary reason to hire a developer and begin the project.

2. High priority:

According to an enterprise javascript survey, 80% of developers prefer to react to write code. Developers select React due to it offers programming tools that bring pleasure and joy. It is the best method to reuse components and create a robust app. On the other hand, Google trends also prove that React is a popular programming tool.

3. Utilize by many giants:

Many industry leaders use React in tech stacks, such as Uber, Netflix, Airbnb, Shopify, Instagram, Facebook, and a lot more. Developers use React for significant aspects, including runtime performance, startup speed, and modularity.

4. Requires less coding:

Developers don’t spend too much time creating app. React is an efficient framework for building the app with less coding. It is easy to make high-performance and engaging apps without any hassle.

5. Great rendering experience:

The main strength of the react framework is the individual component. It translates to a stunning rendering experience automatically.

6. Dynamic UI and a wide array of integration:

React helps developers to build a dynamic and interactive user interface. Developers love this framework because of it works with popular tools like Firebase, redux, Font Awesome, webstorm, and Sentry.

7. Ways to hire developer:

Hiring a well-known and skilled developer is the best way to create an application. You can follow the right way to hire the developer and acquire the service.

8. Describe project needs:

When it comes to hiring a developer, you can communicate your needs with the developer and ensure that they suit the project. Enterprise owners must sign contracts with developers that manage mandatory aspects of the job. The agreement includes deadlines, budget, and consequences. You can pick up a developer that understands information project objectives, and scope.

9. Build job description:

Creating a compelling job description is a necessary part of hiring a developer. The job description must attract quality talent in the field. You can add necessary points in the job description, like

· Company Overview

· List out key responsibilities

· Short and long-term expectations

· Qualification level

· Skills required for the job role

· Company ethos, culture, and values

10. Source well-known developer:

If you want the best developer, you can influence different channels like professional networks, recruitment agencies, and job boards to access a diverse selection of developers. Based on it, you can gather a group of professionals who manage the necessary expertise and skill and evaluate the potential to find the right one.

You can source experts through a recruiter network, email outreach, and job boards. You must check this valuable resource regularly and find the right candidate for the project.

11. Assess portfolio:

Candidates can evaluate via review and reference from past employers. Checking a portfolio is essential to understand a candidate’s performance and outcome attained on a previous project. It is an excellent approach to check code samples that reveal a candidate’s proficiency and skill in react development.

When it comes to portfolio evaluation, you can follow ideal ways include:

· Analyse feedback

· Review the audience and purpose of the project

· Review implementation of project timeline

12. Prepare interview questions:

Startup and enterprise owners prepare questions for candidates to test proficiency and skill in the react framework. It is the best way to assess potential candidates’ technical skills and abilities.

Through interview questions, you can know how candidates have a strong perception of react principles, including redux, JSX, and javascript ES6. You can understand candidate experience with tools such as graphQL, node.js, and others that are mandatory for project needs. Business owners rely on candidates with these skills like,

Soft skills

· Time management

· Project management

· Interpersonal skill and team player

· Willingness to learn new tools

· Troubleshooting capabilities and problem-solving

· Capable of writing code that meets best practices and strict guidelines

Technical skills

· Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript

· Skill in react workflow like redux, flux, data structure library, and creating react app

· Realize core concepts like virtual DOM, JSX, and component lifecycle

· Understanding of working with rest API

· Skill and experience in data structure libraries

· Skillset of Android and ios app development

· Proficient in javascript testing framework

· Proper degree in relevant field

13. Consider technical proficiency:

To evaluate potential candidate skills, startups or enterprise business owners administer assessments like coding tasks or exercises. It is an excellent technique to know the candidate’s proficiency in javascript, react.js, and other technologies.

Such a process will aid you in bearing out the candidate’s competency in solving practical issues and making stunning contributions to the project.

The company looks out for the technical proficiency of candidates, including:

· Candidates must have vital skills and knowledge in a user-friendly and intuitive layout.

· To build an app with React, developers must have previous experience in front-end projects that cover CSS, HTML, and other things.

· React developers must have basic knowledge of JavaScript and integration with React.


Understanding the essential qualities of a react developer is crucial for startups and enterprise owners. The advent of technology helps you to hire react developers team from Bosc Tech Labs based on portfolio and skill tests. You can realise technical skills and share project vision for a successful project.

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