HUAWEI Account Kit offers very simple, quick, and secure sign-in and authorization functionalities which help developers to implement hassle-free and quick sign-in functionalities for applications.

HUAWEI Account Kit offersservices on different parameters as

  • Quick and Standard
  • Massive user base and global services
  • Secure, reliable, and compliant with international standards
  • Quick sign-in to apps

Development Overview


1. Must have a Huawei Developer Account

2. Must have a Huawei phone with HMS or later

3. React Native environment with Android Studio, Node Js, and Visual Studio code.

Major Dependencies

1. React to Native CLI: 2.0.1

2. Gradle Version: 6.0.1

3. Gradle Plugin Version: 3.5.2

4. React Native Account Kit SDK:

5. React-native-hms-account kit Gradle dependency

6. AGCP Gradle dependency


1. Create an app or project in the Huawei app gallery connect, click My apps, as shown below.

1.0 Click on New app.

2. Provide the SHA Key and App Package name of the project in the App Information Section and enable the required API.

2.0 Add the below information to create a new app and project

2.1 Once the app is created, navigate to My projects

2.2 Click on the created project

2.3 Enable the AccountKit API

2.4 Put SHA signature generated using Android Studio

2.5 Download the agconnect-services.json services file and paste it under the App folder of the project.

3. Create a react native project, use the below command:

“react-native init project name”

4. Download the React Native Account Kit SDK and paste it under the Node Modules directory of the React Native project.

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Delimiting Huawei Account Kit Featuring React Native
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