Learn how to integrate the Create React app with .NET core to generate a scaffold which removes several dependencies.

The Create React app is the community’s preferred way to spin up a brand new React project. This tool generates the basic scaffold to start writing code and abstracts away many challenging dependencies. React tools like webpack and Babel are lumped into a single dependency. React developers can focus on the problem at hand, which lowers the bar necessary to build Single Page Apps.

The question remains, React solves the problem on the client-side, but what about the server-side? .NET developers have a long history of working with Razor, server-side configuration, and the ASP.NET user session via a session cookie. In this take, I will show you how to get the best of both worlds with a nice integration between the two.

This article has a hands-on approach that reads better from top to bottom so you can follow along. If you feel comfortable enough with the code, it is available on GitHub for your reading pleasure.

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Integrate Create React app with .NET Core 5
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