n this video, I will talk about How to Set laravel Admin Panel View Setup for the Online News portal. Details of how to Setup of view pages in Laravel. Laravel is the most popular open-source PHP framework and uses the MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern. We will be covering all of the fundamentals of Laravel 5.8 in this series including…

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Hey Guys, in this series we’ll learn all about Laravel 6 from the ground-up. Laravel is a PHP framework for creating dynamic websites, complete with authentication.
Models & DB Migrations
Blade Templates/Views
Authentication & Access Control
CRUD Functionality
File Uploading
Essential Packages for Laravel
Advance laravel Queries
Laravel Pagination
News Portal
Sufee Admin LTE 5
Much More…


Laravel Tutorials From Scratch [Part 16] - News Portal Admin Panel View Setup Part 02
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