Master No-Code Web Design with Framer - 4-hour Free Course

Dive into web design using Framer without needing to code. Explore Framer's no-code approach to web design – unleash your creativity without touching a single line of code.

In this 4-hour free course, you'll learn to create beautiful, modern interfaces. 

Start with dark mode and glass designs, then move from Figma to Framer, using stack and grid layouts for responsive websites. Add animations, scroll effects and custom components.

- Final site: 

- Figma template: 

- Framer Remix: 


This course is perfect for beginners! No need for prior coding or web design experience. We'll guide you through everything step by step, starting from the basics. However, a little familiarity with computers and understanding the basics of HTML and CSS will be helpful.

Here's how to begin:

- View the final site to get inspired and see what you'll be able to create by the end of this course: 

- Sign up at Framer to join the community and start designing: 

- Get the Remix link to dive into the design file with ease: 

- Download the Figma file to start with ready-made designs: 

Or skip ahead using the Framer template: 

- Framer Desktop App: Enhance your designing workflow by downloading the app or work directly in your browser: 

- Framer Academy: A treasure trove of documentation at your fingertips. Visit the Framer Academy: 

- Learn Framer UI: Master the basics of Framer's user interface here: 


Framer is your go-to web design tool for crafting stunning, interactive websites with ease. Designed for a smooth transition for Figma users, it boasts a comprehensive Figma plugin for quick layout imports. With a wealth of preset templates, components, dynamic effects, and even AI-powered tools, Framer is both powerful and accessible, regardless of your experience level.

Dive in and start creating! This course will open up a whole new world of web design possibilities for you. Let's make something amazing together.

0:00:00 Intro to Course
0:03:07 Getting Started
0:07:08 Create your first layout
0:20:55 Framer AI
0:28:21 Basic Layout
0:43:47 Animated Text
1:02:03 Figma to Framer
1:15:16 Adaptive Layout
1:27:22 Breakpoints
1:41:19 Components
1:52:15 Effects
2:03:33 Scroll Speed
2:18:51 Scroll Variants
2:31:04 Copy Components
2:41:04 Grid Layouts
2:52:28 Icon Animation
3:03:31 Code Components
3:15:42 Property Controls
3:25:05 Code Overrides
3:38:25 CMS
3:52:49 Search and Conclusion

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Web Design with Framer - No Code Needed
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