Today we’d like to present a blueprint for large Vue JS projects. It uses the new and exciting Vite build tool and Lerna monorepo manager. I’ve built large enterprise projects in a similar way, using Angular, Vue JS, webpack and rollup. Vite, created by Vue JS team, looks very promising so I wanted to give it a try.

There are plenty Vite tutorials and demos, mostly the usual Hello World and Todo apps. But I needed something more useful. I wanted to see whether Vite can replace rollup and webpack in large real-life projects.


Vite is an excellent alternative to mainstream JavaScript build tools. It works smoothly with Vue, and with any other web framework just as well. Combined with Lerna, it works great with large modular applications, while being much faster and easier than competitors. Source code of the example project can be found at

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Building Large Projects With Vue, Vite, and Lerna
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