Many startups and new companies are developing a chat app using Reactjs and Nodejs as there is a fruitful result of using this technology as there are many blogs on the same with technical jargon . so, I decided to post a short article that covers all the steps to develop a chat app.

So, let’s start with socket.IO. It is a javascript library that is built for real time data transfer. It uses websocket protocol moreover it provides features such as async I/O, broadcasting, and storing data of clients.

Step To Develop A Chat App

In server side
Step 1
Create new folder, navigate folder and generate package.json
Step 2
Install dependencies
Step 3
Basic Server Setup
Step 4
SoceketI.O connection
Step 5
API for Room ID- getRoom

In Client Side
Step 1
Create client folder named chat-app-frontend
Step 2
Install Socket.IO for Client
Step 3
Client-Side Socket.IO connection

In the above steps we look out the steps while covering client side and server side both. If you are looking for a github repository and code that are used in the above steps, we have an article on built a chat app with all the detailed information.

Moreover, when you develop a chat app you also require a front-end and back-end designing solution for the best result. So, choose wisely to develop the effective bug free chat application.

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 Steps To  Build A Chat Application With Reactjs, Nodejs, and Socket.IO
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