Recently I wrote about one curious pattern, I decided to generalize and find more interesting changes in b2b sales this year and what will grow in the next. The basis of the method is to look at those services for b2b sales that have become popular or have attracted investments. I took tweekly reviews as a basis (there you can read more about each one)

Here’s what’s new clearly caught my eye:

  1. Superpersonalization. New services allow you to track VIP clients on the site and call them at the time of a certain click, moreover, there are ways of advertising not just to site visitors, but to a specific person. For example, when you need to get your commercial offer not just a general, but a specific Ivan Petrovich. An example service is Qualified.

  2. What is popular with teens and B2C will eventually penetrate B2B. Stories on LinkedIn, Streams instead of webinars, TikTok and WhatsApp for business. I already wrote about this recently.

  3. Zoom sales and calendars. Services that help customers meet and sell virtually and organize remote communications. Clockwise, for example.

  4. Lots of new lead generation services for LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

  5. Automation and simplification. No-code tools for B2B. For example, Unqork, Userguiding.

  6. Increased requirements for the security of companies’ data. Remote control requires more careful tracking of passwords and credentials, you need to be able to defend against cyber attacks. Sample project — Pcysys.

  7. Training is built into the sales process. Salesperson training systems are built right into CRM. For example GO1.

  8. Prompter instructors and prompter translators in your ear. You put on the earpiece and everything tells you there. During negotiations and sales, you have a mentor who tells you how to better behave in a given situation or simply helps to negotiate in an unfamiliar language. For example, Librestream, Kudo, Beekeeper.

  9. Fast video recording and sharing. Just like text and even simpler. For visual sales and product demonstrations. For example, Loom.

  10. Localization of products for new countries. Hot new markets are India and Indonesia. For example, Localised.

Are you familiar with any other b2b ideas and trends in 2021?

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b2b ideas and trends 2021
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