The quality of digital customer service and ROI are directly proportional. According to Forbes, companies earning $1 billion a year in revenue make an extra $700 million over the next three years by investing in customer experience.

Furthermore, according to Gartner, 52% of the CEOs say digital improvements have led to increased revenue.

We are in the era of customer-centricity, and no business should be unaware of it. Customers, now more than ever, have an active role in their purchase decisions. Thanks to the free-flow of information, hyper-digitalization has made communicating with the customers very easy.

In order to ace your digital customer service, businesses need to adapt to the right digital customer service technologies and invest in useful digital customer service tools.

In this blog, I have listed the 7 most essential and effective technologies you need to deliver a great customer experience online. I have also recommended the best customer service tools for every technology down below for you to get started right away.

1. Email Automation

Research by SendPulse found that automated emails have 4x times more click-through rate (CTR) compared to normally written, traditional emails.

We all know the role artificial intelligence plays in digital customer service.

Email automation is the unison of email and AI, and it is a significant breakthrough in how marketers and businesses connect with their customers and prospects.

Businesses rejoice at being able to communicate and create deeper bonds with people through value-providing emails.

CMOs love the ability to send customized, tailored emails to their targeted audience; in a way, the latter is quickly motivated to act.

Automated business emails are sent upon specific triggers like newsletter subscription, ebook download, shopping cart abandonment, and post-sale. The goal is to deliver an optimum customer experience and have the patrons and customers indulge with your brand and business even more.

Here’s an example of how Amazon uses automated emails:

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Technologies That Can Amplify Digital Customer Service
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