Learn responsive web design from scratch in this beginner-friendly tutorial. No prior web development experience required! Learn how to create websites that look great on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

There are hundreds of digital devices in today's world.  Users expect that no matter what device they are using, your web app will look good.  This doesn't happen automatically and is the topic of this video.  In this video, I'll show you what responsive web design is all about, and how to simplify it so it doesn't add stress to your development workflow.

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Github repo - https://github.com/zachgoll/fullstack-roadmap-series

📃 Video contents

0:00 What is Responsive Web Design?
14:50 Intro to Media Queries and Breakpoints
19:15 What breakpoints should I use?
26:45 Media Queries In-Depth
35:57 80/20 Guide to Responsive Design
42:55 Order of your Media Queries Matter!
46:55 "Mobile-First" vs. "Desktop-First"
52:28 A Responsive Design Checklist
54:41 Code Challenge


Learn Responsive Web Design from Scratch
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