Most people know that a weekly group meeting is needed. Many people don’t do it, and there’s a lot of confusion about “what in the world do I cover well today?”

Why is a Weekly Team Meeting Necessary?

Your team will lose out if they don’t contact the owners and managers without holding weekly team meetings. For your team, getting up very early in the morning to show them a cup of coffee, the speed at which they play, the fact that they go home shows that it is a job.

I’m telling you that the result of not communicating with any team from the owner and management. You will know the pace of work by a team meeting. If the team is not running according to plan, you can motivate your team in the right way. This meeting can be at a coffee table or lunch break. The manager tells the team what kind of problems they have been dealing with since the previous week, whether the targets have been achieved or not. So you must contact your team every one week.

Here are four items you need in team meetings each week:

  1. Statistics.
  2. Programs and Targets.
  3. Problem and Solution.
  4. Wins.

1. Statistics


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Team members need to have statistics that reflect their production with their graphs. Make it mandatory for people to be given graph paper and a pencil and tell them each week that they need to mark the line, and the manager will see the number go up rather than down. People don’t want to sit in a meeting with a graph showing low numbers. They will do whatever it takes to make their graph stand out even if it’s out of arrogance.

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their statistics, and the manager should work with each of these staff members. When someone holds their graph, they can say this is what they will do better, and this is what they are going to continue.

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