The Selenium Python package is automates web driver interaction via Python. Selenium provides a simple API to write functional tests using WebDriver. Selenium Python bindings provide a convenient API to access Selenium WebDrivers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Blackberry, and many more. This lecture aims at covering all related Selenium functionality and acceptance tests. This lecture is outlined as follows:

00:00​ Introduction
02:12​ Installing selenium
02:36​ Installing chromedriver
03:08​ Setting vscode
03:34​ Importing selenium
03:44​ Open chrome browser
04:43​ URL access
07:00​ Page interaction
07:25​ Find element by name
09:08​ Entering text
13:20​ Clicking buttons
13:56​ Get element by id
15:12​ Sleep waiting
17:11​ Cookie injection
19:28​ History navigation
23:47​ Drag and Drop by offset
29:08​ Drag and Drop to target
33:12​ Explicit and Implicit wait
34:47​ Web scraping
41:56​ Headless browser
44:10​ Disable GPU
44:31​ Browser size
45:04​ Disable security
45:16​ Sandbox
45:45​ Insecure content
45:54​ Disable WebGL
46:30​ Disable popups
46:38​ Summary
48:48​ Outro


#python #selenium

Selenium Automation on Python: Cam Newton & Grey's Anatomy examples
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