Hello, Shmoji here. Today we are going to be creating reusable modals using Vue. If you didn’t know, the gif above is an example of a modal. I searched around YouTube and realized that all the videos show how to create modals, but the code is not reusable and not very clean.

What you will create using this tutorial is different because you can integrate this right into a large project with no problem. Maybe that doesn’t make sense at the moment, so let’s get started and I’ll explain along the way.

If you prefer videos and want more details then here is the YouTube tutorial offering just that.

NOTE: I will not cover detailed project setup in this article, I am starting from a basic Vue app that was just created using vue create modals and I am using Visual Studio Code.

Alright, let’s get started.


Create Reusable MODALS Using VUE JS
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