In this video we’ll tackle a code challenge and discuss how developers approach problem solving with code. All in less than 8 minutes!

✅ Quick Concepts outline:
Code Challenge #1 - Write JavaScript Code That Will Return a Random Letter From Your Name.

Practice Problem Solving with Code:
(0:20) Define the overall problem
(0:34) Break the large problem into smaller problems
(0:45) Solving the first small problem
(1:30) Solving the second small problem
(2:30) Bring the solutions together to solve the large problem
(3:25) Finding a bug in our solution!
(4:25) Fixing the bug in the solution
(4:50) The solution to the problem works!
(4:55) Level up the solution to make it work for any name
(6:45) Now our solution works for any name!

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Problem Solving with Code | Your First Coding Challenge | JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners
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