Societe Generale was one of the first 15 companies that visited our campus, students from CSE, IT & ECE were eligible for the online test. Around 790 people gave the test. Offering 13 lpa.

  1. **Online Test : **
  2. 90 minutes test. Total 33 questions were asked, 10 Aptitude , 5 English , 15 Technical Questions and three code. The time constraint were very tough. Aptitude involved percentage, ratio, blood relations etc. Technical Questions were mainly based on Software engineering because of the profile, Data Structure Questions on heap , kruskal and hashing. Finally the three coding questions :
  3. Question 1 : resembled ,
  4. Question 2: Spiral Matrix ,
  5. Question 3: Octal to Decimal ,
  6. Finally , I would say manage your time properly, only if you could complete all the three codes you will be shortlisted. You should skip a few aptitude if possible but do all the codes. Codes were simple as you can see but, given the time constraint you could only get one max two submission so all the very best.
  7. After this round 118 were selected.
  8. **Round 1 / Technical Round : **
  9. We expected it to be a GD but turned out to be a technical round. We received emails on the day before for Skype interview.
  10. The Interview started, Both technical interviewer and HR were there on the later stage HR went off. Interviewer were very polite and friendly,
  11. He started off by asking about myself. Then he asked some basic oops questions like : what is a class , object , abstraction , abstract class , interface , difference between abstract class and interface and a few more. Then he moved to OS : IPC , RPC , zombie process , threading basic etc. Finally he asked a few basic DBMS concepts. Then we moved to coding, he didn’t asked me to completely code a solution but a pseudo code( may be because i was in the top rank holder of OT or may be i was lucky) , First code was Dynamic programming for k transactions profit , second was parenthesis balanced and finally unique element in an array. All the questions are available on gfg and i also had faced them earlier however i didn’t tell him that and answered them from brute force to the most optimized approach. He asked about projects etc, He then asked Software Engineer questions which i could barely answer.
  12. My interview was exceptionally long , more than an hour, but he said he liked my approach and understanding but said you need to grasp Software engineering fundamentals. With a smile in his face said that i have great potential and he is passing me two next round i was really very happy.
  13. **Round 2 / Managerial Round : **
  14. It was a short round for me but my friends had to go through long rounds as well so i suggest you prepare for both. It was about 20 minutes, he asked about project, my publications, research , hackathons i participated, my knowledge on investment banking etc, then some fundamentals on cloud computing etc. He also said that it was great talking to you and surely we shall see you in the next rounds.
  15. Some take away : Building an honest resume, real project, brief but insightful stories, and expressing your idea for work/project was the key. You cannot always know every question so do accept your lack of knowledge on subject and tell the interviewer that you will try to improve in the future. Because HM look for candidates who can adopt to the work environment and be a learner who takes ownership of failure.
  16. Round 3 / HR :
  17. So this was a very unexpected round , i was very anxious and was waiting for more than 3 hours for the call, when the call came it took me off guard. It is very important to know the JD and frame answers accordingly. However the questions were very generic but keep your mind calm because on a stressful day with two rounds and all the mails and waiting, mistakes are inevitable. Ut was also 20 minutes
  • Tell me something about yourself ?
  • Explain your best project ?
  • Tell me your most challenging project?
  • Your strengths and weaknesses ?
  • What do you know about socgen ?
  • Why did you apply for socgen ?
  • Where do you live and family baground ?
  • Are you comfortable in working in bagalore / chennai?
  • Why do you want to leave Delhi ?
  • Are you comfortable in nigh shifts ?
  • Do you want to pursue further in education of no why ?
  • Would be comfortable for on site ?
  • How has covid changed the senerio in your locality ?
  • What are your hobbies ?
  • Some basic resume questions.

Finally after the HR round and about 24-26 hours i was informed that i have been shortlisted, i was very lucky and grateful and felt all my hardwork had paid off finally.

**Piece of Advice : **

  • Do 300-500 coding questions for good grasp in DSA, i would recommend Leetcode to start with and near to the interview Interview bit cause it improves fast coding ability. Participate in contest on diff platform. You may or may not be good at competitive coding but make sure you become a problem solver. Below are some links i used :
  • Dynamic Programming :
  • Graph Theory :–qE8yH72HFL1Km93P
  • Practice basic answers to tell me something about yourself , why do you code in java , strengths and weaknesses etc. It looks boring but even the nest speakers fumble in interviewer also having a good answer helps you drive the interviewer on your strengths.
  • Keep patience its easy said than done even i didnt sleep the night before results and we were wondering about next company when i got the result and was shocked completely.
  • Finally before your round 1, like a day back revise all concepts thoroughly.

All the very best and good luck.

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