This comprehensive tutorial will help you understand how to integrate responsive image carousel slider dynamically with Vue js components in Laravel 8 application using Owl carousel plugin from the absolute beginning.

Owl carousel is a popular open-source JavaScript based carousel slider; it offers numerous features for enhancing your content’s interactivity. Some of its core features are responsiveness, touch, drag ‘n’ drop support, supports modern browsers not only but also supports zombie browsers.

This Laravel 8 Vue js owl carousel slider example covers all the profound steps, respectively to dynamically fetch images from the database and display in slider using owl carousel slider in Laravel.

Carousel is usually used on a web page to notify about the other important idea or topic. Ideally, they are used on home pages to grab the user’s attention. You can show products, posts, news any other essential information with it.

If you want to show images/content in laravel vue js with an owl carousel slider, then you are in the right place. We will share with you how to display multiple images in the Laravel vue js application.

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How to Integrate Responsive Carousel Slider with Vue js in Laravel 8
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