Setting up your own email server on Linux from scratch is a pain in the butt, if you are not a skilled server admin. This tutorial will be showing you how to use iRedMail to quickly set up a full-featured mail server on Debian 10, saving you lots of time and headaches.

What is iRedMail?
iRedMail is a shell script that automatically installs and configures all necessary mail server components on your Linux/BSD server, thus eliminating manual installation and configuration. With iRedMail, you can easily create unlimited mailboxes and unlimited mail domains in a web-based admin panel. Mailboxes can be stored in MariaDB/MySQL, PostreSQL database or OpenLDAP. The following is a list of open-source software that will be automatically installed and configured by iRedMail.

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How to Easily Set Up a Mail Server on Debian 10 Buster with iRedMail
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