Git is a distributed version-control system. In simple words, It is used to manage various open source projects. It’s biggest advantage is that it manages everything from small to very large and complex projects with speed and efficiency. Also, Git is free and open source which acts like a cherry on the cake. In today’s video we will discuss Git Lifecycle.

Git is really a very interesting topic and today we’ll discuss the life cycle of GIt. We will also cover various Git commands for each operation. We’ll discuss the complete workflow. We will discuss how to clone the git repository, how to modify or make any changes in files, how to review the changes before commit, how to push the changes to the repository and how to make any correction in the same.

Git also supports distributed and non-linear workflow. The goal of Git is to provide lightning speed and maintain data integrity. Git is free and easy to learn. In today’s tutorial we will be discussing all about Git, its lifecycle and its workflow. So do watch it till the end.

Following pointers will be covered in this video:

  • 00:00:00 Introduction
  • 00:00:50 What is Version Control?

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GIT Lifecycle | Git Workflow
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