Just like every other realm, 2020 upended the data world. When COVID shut down businesses and sent employees to work from home, companies had to quickly adapt to the “new normal”.
Cloud became an absolute necessity, as organizations moved to working remotely. Data governance and security became a big priority, with everyone accessing data from different locations and systems. Smarter AI became appealing, now that historical models were meaningless. In short, organizations realized they needed to make changes fast. Data investments went up and organizations sought to upgrade their systems and create the perfect data stack.
With 2020 in the rearview mirror, we’re now looking ahead to a new and hopefully better year. What will 2021 bring to the data world? How will data infrastructure evolve to keep up with all the latest innovations and changes?
This year, we’ll see several new data trends: the emergence of new data roles and data quality frameworks, the rise of the modern data stack and modern metadata solutions, and the convergence of data lakes and warehouses.

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The Top 5 Data Trends for CDOs to Watch Out for in 2021
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