A BDD Testing Framework for the Deno Runtime


Deno’s Premiere BDD Testing Framework

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is a development methodology, similar to Test-Driven Development, where the testing scenarios are written in plain English, and act as a source of truth for testing and development. Triceratop acts as a parser and a testing framework for BDD, using the Gherkin Language Syntax and Typescript to create feature files and test files.

NOTE: Triceratop is minimally complete, not feature complete at the moment. See below for possible missing features.


deno install -Afq --unstable https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NicholasACTran/triceratop/master/triceratop.ts

File Structure

When generating and using triceratop CLI, it expects the tests to be in the same directory, in the format:

|   |   test_feature_1.feature
|   |   test_feature_2.feature
|   |   ...
|   |   test_feature_1.ts
|   |   test_feature_2.ts
|   |   ...

Where each .feature file in the features folder correlates directly with a .ts file in the steps folder with the same filename. If there aren’t feature/steps directories, triceratop will create it on the fly.

Generating Test Code

By running a triceratop CLI command, it would go through each .feature file and generate a .ts file with the same name, containing the functions that encapsulate the steps in the .feature file.


triceratop generate

Running Tests

By running a triceratop CLI command, it should go through each .feature file (or a specific one) and use the .feature file to search for the specific step functions in the correlated .ts function and run a test using the underlying Deno test framework.


triceratop test

How to Contribute

We love to get more help implementing improvements and features! Our suggested starting place to investigate is the top-level triceratop.ts file, and following the imports from there. Most of the testing functionality can be found in ./lib/mod.ts, while most of the parsing functionality is found in the ./util folder. See below for some possible things that need to be implemented.

Things That Need to Be Done

  • Parsing
    • [ ] Implement better error handling
    • [ ] Remove dangling commas when creating typescript files
  • Testing
    • [ ] Create TestDefinitions for functions with parameters
    • [x] Handle global variables
    • [x] Implement flag to test one file at a time
    • [ ] Implement stubs/mocks/fakes
  • General
    • [ ] Implement a more CLI information and options
    • [x] Create top-level JSON file to handle configurations
    • [x] Move steps and features folders under a tests folder
    • [ ] Add test coverage

Download Details:

Author: NicholasACTran

Source Code: https://github.com/NicholasACTran/triceratop

#deno #node #nodejs #javascript

A BDD Testing Framework for the Deno Runtime
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