The best way to learn Angular is to develop this kind of application. — Learn from scratch

To Do Apps a great way of learning the basics and concepts of a new framework language or any programming languages. Before diving deep into Angular, it’s best to get into the app in a simple to understand.

What is Angular?

Angular is a platform and framework for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written in TypeScript. It implements core and optional functionality as a set of TypeScript libraries that you import into your apps.

When we complete our application, we will get this kind of view. What I have done here will delete something from the added to-do list, adding a new to do with FormsModule and the model we are using will help us improve our Angular skills.


There are some plugins and packages we need as an Angular developer before moving on to our project.

  • Firstly an IDE, I’ve been using Visual Studio Code for a long time. You can add the appropriate option to your computer.

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Build Your First Angular Application
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