The media industry has undergone a massive digital transition. However, despite the media industry’s rapid technological advancements, businesses serving this vertical face a number of security challenges.

Without a doubt, the media industry has advanced in leaps and bounds as a result of the internet’s transformation of content delivery. A customer identity and access management solution (CIAM) is a critical requirement for media companies looking to expand their operations.

Let’s look at how identity management is used in the media industry to protect subscribers’ identities and have a consistent user experience across their platforms.

Benefits of Identity Management in the Media Industry

  • SSO (Single Sign-On) Is a Game-Changer: If SSO is on the verge of becoming an industry standard for authentication, the media industry must rapidly prepare for SSO and Federated SSO to improve the user experience. Given the abundance of OTT channels and publication websites on the market, those that have a consistent user interface would attract more signups and subscriptions.

  • Content Restrictions Using Access Management: With increased access to media through OTT platforms, the entertainment industry’s biggest challenge is establishing age limits for specific content. Access management through a CIAM solution improves the user experience and, in turn, helps to enhance overall data and privacy protection. Although most media platforms aren’t focused on sub-profiles, rivals are already using access control for a single identity shared by multiple users.
    Whether it’s limiting access to a certain category of content for premium users or imposing age limits, access management is critical to improving the user experience for every business. The cloud-based CIAM solution from LoginRadius helps businesses control access without compromising the user experience. This enables media companies to increase signups, retention rates, and business growth.

  • The Secret to Staying Ahead of the Competition is Progressive Profiling: Progressive profiling allows you to collect sensitive information regarding a subscriber over time rather than all at once. This not only enhances the user experience, but it also helps to build reputation over time. LoginRadius allows you to collect consumer data at different stages of the customer journey and share it with them as they engage with your business.
    With LoginRadius progressive profiling, publication websites, OTT channels, and other media platforms may create their own laws that suit their business needs in order to gain consumer confidence.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - For Additional Security Layers: A CIAM solution with multi-factor authentication can be the ultimate solution with millions of data breaches and identity thefts in the media industry alone. Multi-factor authentication combined with risk-based authentication provided by LoginRadius assists businesses in providing a safe login experience for subscribers. Multi-factor authentication kicks in when a cybercriminal tries to gain entry from a different computer, a remote location, or by repeatedly entering incorrect credentials.

Final Thoughts:

As the media sector is undergoing a major transition, companies’ fundamental beliefs and obligations remain constant.
Delivering the best user experience while ensuring subscriber privacy and data security should be a top priority for companies looking to expand their client base.
Media industry, just like any other industry can leverage identity management to enhance business growth, increase subscribers, and improve overall security. This article describes the importance of identity management in the media industry.

Role of Identity Management in Media Industry

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