For a while now, Microsoft has demoed and spoken about their highly hyped WebAssembly framework that aims to blur the lines between front and back-end programming.

If you are a .NET developer or just like to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to new frameworks and web tech, you have most likely heard of Blazor. If not, you can keep reading and just smile and nod so people don’t find out you’re behind the times.

Blazor is a framework that will allow developers to write applications targeting different platforms, with the web being the first priority. Right now, you can already write HTML, CSS and C## to create Blazor based web applications. By default, Blazor is a web-first framework made evident by the parts they have released so far.

When people talk about Blazor and get excited, they generally fall into two categories.

  • Developers who hate Javascript and want to use C## to write web applications
  • Developers who are excited about WebAssembly

Given how new WebAssembly is (browser support wise), Blazor is one of the first frameworks of its kind to support and commit to WebAssembly (to the extent that they have). As you can see, WebAssembly** is in a good place right now** and keeps on getting better.

Something that many developers probably don’t realise is Microsoft has been grooming us to get used to C## syntax in the form of TypeScript for over eight years now.

I love TypeScript and I honestly can’t remember the last time I worked on a project that wasn’t TypeScript. I am also not a C## developer, but my experience with TypeScript and its overlap means if I wanted to write C## code, I would probably pick it up pretty quickly.

Is it just a coincidence that behind both C## and TypeScript is the same man, Anders Hejlsberg? This was undoubtedly the plan all along, to bring C## into the browser. TypeScript arrived early enough that Anders and his new world Javascript order friends could slowly lure us into the C## void with their beautiful enhanced Javascript siren song.

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