You are done with your Computer Science graduation and looking to grab the first job? How can you do it? Though there are plenty of opportunities for computer science graduates, still it appears daunting for fresh graduates or graduates with little experience to grab the employer's eyeballs to get the first dream job. Here, we bring you few tips to help you get the first break in your career.

1.    Devise a strategy

Instead of focusing on too many things or having a confused mind of too many employers and job profiles, just develop a simple profile of your ideal employers and state what you are expecting from them. Have a pen or paper in hand and list out the key attributes such as the size and culture of the company, and job openings that stand as a perfect fit for you. Just make up your mind whether you want to work for a big, small or a medium-sized company. In fact, at an early stage, it is better to look for a job where you can get adequate learning opportunities from your mentors, who can help hone your skills.

2.    Prepare a customized cover letter

Most of the job aspirants including experienced candidates prepare a generic cover letter to target each and every employer, which may really not work out. Instead of doing this, just prepare a customized cover letter for every employer and outline why you are interested to work with that employer. Also, if you are applying for a Java programming job, it’s always desirable to highlight any programming achievements in Java in your college. If you do not boast of any such achievements, then simply mention that you had read some good books on Java programming, giving an impression that you are keen on making a career in Java coding.

3.    Build a strong online profile

Nowadays, it’s quite common for employers to check a candidate’s online footprints over the internet and if you have a strong online profile, it can create a positive impression in the minds of the prospective employers. As part of building a strong online profile, highlight your extracurricular activities or academic achievements including coding certifications, though it may seem trivial to you. Small things make a huge difference and generate a positive aura about you.

4.    Hone up your interview techniques

Though you may get rejected in the first interview, you shouldn’t lose hope and better introspect what went wrong. Also, make an attempt to participate in mock interviews with your friends and read books related to interview tips to gain confidence. In fact, the secret is to always remain calm even if you do not know the right answer and look for hints if you require them. It is always better to articulate your thoughts when you want to crack a problem.

5.    Don’t lose faith

Remember that every application you send may not end up in a job interview or an offer. You should be prepared for any ups and downs in the initial stages of your career and understand that rejection is part of your job search. Every rejection teaches you a new lesson in life, which lets you, mature and move ahead. So, faith is important. Keep trying and one day you might end up getting the first job in a big MNC company, making your friends and peers envy at you.

Well, even when you had got the first job and seem satisfied, you need to keep your flame glowing by actively participating in hackathons, conferences, and seminars to create a strong network. When you build a strong network, you automatically gain the attention of your employers, marking a golden era in your fruitful career.


Five Job Hunting Tips to ACE your First IT Job
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