Week View Component for React Native




  • events (Array) - Events to display
  • onEventPress (Function) - Callback when event item is clicked
  • numberOfDays (Number) - Set number of days to show in view, can be 1, 3, 7.
  • dateHeaderFormat (String) - Format for dates of header, default is MMM D
  • selectedDate (Date) - Intial date to show week/days in view
  • onSwipeNext (Function) - Callback when calendar is swiped to next week/days
  • onSwipePrev (Function) - Callback when calendar is swiped to previous week/days
  • locale (String) - locale for the header, there’s a addLocale function to add cusomized locale. Default is en.
  • headerStyle (Object) - custom styles for header container
  • headerTextColor (String) - text color for header

Event Object

  id: 1,
  description: 'Event',
  startDate: new Date(),
  endDate: new Date(),
  color: 'blue',

Locales customization

There’s a addLocale function to add customized locale for the component. The component depends on momentjs, you can refer to https://momentjs.com/docs/#/customization/ for more information.


export WeekView, { addLocale } from 'react-native-week-view';
// add customized localed before using locale prop.
addLocale('fr', {
  months: 'janvier_février_mars_avril_mai_juin_juillet_août_septembre_octobre_novembre_décembre'.split('_'),
  monthsShort: 'janv._févr._mars_avr._mai_juin_juil._août_sept._oct._nov._déc.'.split('_'),
  weekdays: 'dimanche_lundi_mardi_mercredi_jeudi_vendredi_samedi'.split('_'),
  weekdaysShort: 'dim._lun._mar._mer._jeu._ven._sam.'.split('_'),


  • [x] allow to swipe between weeks or days.
  • [ ] header should be swipeable with columns.
  • [ ] allow to drag drop events to specific time and date.
  • [ ] update example for more cases (1 day, 7 days).
  • [ ] update document.

Download Details:

Author: hoangnm

GitHub: https://github.com/hoangnm/react-native-week-view

#react-native #programming

Week View Component for React Native
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