When you want to learn a new programming language, it’s good to focus on the things programming languages have in common:

  • Variables
  • Expressions
  • Statements

These concepts are the basis of most programming languages. Once you understand them, you can start figuring the rest out.Because programming languages usually share similarities, once you know one language, you can learn the basics of another by understanding its differences.

A good way to learn new languages is using a standard program that you can use to practice. This allows you to focus on the language, not the program’s logic. I’m doing that in this article series using a “guess the number” program, in which the computer picks a number between one and 100 and asks you to guess it. The program loops until you guess the number correctly.

This program exercises several concepts in programming languages:

  • Variables
  • Input
  • Output
  • Conditional evaluation
  • Loops


Learn Rust By Writing A Simple Game
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