Over this article, we are discussing different git workflow strategies. Mainly git supports 5 different workflows. Here let’s explore each one in detail.

Git is one of the best version control available now. It is so flexible. You can create your own workflow strategies using git. The main well-known workflows for git are.

  • Basic Workflow
  • Feature Branch Workflow
  • Git Flow
  • Gitlab flow

We will explore each one of these workflows in detail here.

Basic Workflow

This is the basic workflow. There is one central repository. What this means is that each developer will clone the repo, work locally on the code, make a commit with various changes, and then finally put it in the central repository for other developers to take and put in their own individual work.

While the basic workflow is a fantastic method for creating and developing a simple website, it doesn’t do well with any complications. If two developers need to work on two separate functionalities inside one project, then the Basic workflow is no longer an ideal method for the team.

_For example, one of the developers has just finished their functionality and wants to release it. They cannot release it if the second feature from the second developer is incomplete. Because both of them are working on the same branch. _If they want to make the release anyway then this will result in so many unfavorable issues for the developers, not to mention the project at hand.

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5 Different Git Workflows
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