The rate of progress in Artificial Intelligence has been exponential in the past decade. The pandemic has made us more reliant on technology as we practice social distancing and work-from-home options. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are providing options to utilize data from various sectors and make informed decisions. One such application is how AI is used to help us fight COVID-19.

Early Diagnosis

Artificial Intelligence is actively used in identifying high risk patients at an earlier stage and therefore helps to control the spread of the infection in real-time. This becomes particularly important at this time of crisis because real time monitoring is the best option for people to self-isolate and mitigate the spread of the virus.

**_Clevy is a French startup _**that uses augmented assistance to help diagnose COVID-19 symptons. This can allow diagnosis without having to leave your home premises. It is a both time and cost-effective solution. Moreover, it reduces the time load and assist the healthcare community to cater to a larger population during this time of crisis.

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How Artificial Intelligence is helping us fight against COVID-19?
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