All your questions are answered in this tutorial about the NEW Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams Meetings! For example:

  • Can participants in the breakout rooms present and share their screen?
  • Can meetings in breakout rooms be recorded?

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how you can use breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams meetings. Breakout rooms allow a meeting organizer to split your attendees into multiple small groups during meetings.
It’s a great feature to create separate online rooms for brainstorming and collaboration. You can open and close rooms and move participants between rooms. You’ll also learn how to create, rename, move and join Breakout Rooms. You’ll view the Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms experience from the view of the organizer, as well as the attendee.


  • 00:00 How to Use Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams Meetings
  • 00:43 Create Breakout Rooms in Teams
  • 01:47 Re-assign Participants to New Rooms
  • 02:11 Start Breakout Rooms
  • 03:12 Presenter Rights for Participants in Breakout Rooms
  • 05:09 How Organizer Can Join Breakout Rooms
  • 07:06 Make an Announcement to All Rooms
  • 07:18 Ask Organizer to Join Breakout Room
  • 08:39 Close Breakout Rooms
  • 09:19 Wrap Up

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Master Virtual Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams (2021)
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