In the corona days (still not over) I would walk near my house for an hour a day and come back home. One day, when I went out for a walk again, I thought of unnecessary photos on my phone. Thousands of photos from university Whatshap groups. It would take me a long time to find unnecessary photos among them. But I had an idea to lighten this workload.

I probably have nearly ten thousand photos in my gallery. Of these, I thought at least 300–400 photos were blurry (there are 378 blurry photos in my gallery). “How can I handle this?” When I thought, it came to my mind that I was a software engineer. I immediately finished my walk and went back home and sat down at my computer and made a small project called “Blur Detection” that I will tell you below.

#image-processing #python #computer-vision #deep-learning #opencv

How to Perform Blur Detection using OpenCV in Python
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