Embedded Systems:
Embedded Systems was a massive demand for experts, software skills (hardware programming) and Linux-like open source technologies. Most companies often seek candidates with experience in several fields.
Challenges for a Fresher:
Many of the work aspirants who were especially fresher from college felt it was difficult to get into the core sector. Behind this, there are certain myths.
We figured businesses employ individuals from IIT’s, NIT, and some well-reputed universities. Furthermore, the technical training of scholars was not adequate.
Why, since 80% of industry professionals who work in the treatment industry do not come from prestigious universities. For better job opportunities, most people working in the IT domain are also migrating to the embedded domain. If you want to get the best career in this field and join FITA Academy for Embedded Course in Coimbatore. We are giving real-time practical by our well-experienced trainers and also placement assistance.
Services Offered by Embedded Engineers
Embedded Development is a huge area and thus it is classified for optimum output in different domains.
Embedded Hardware Engineering
Hardware products in different sectors, such as hospitals, consumer electronics, aerospace and defense, automotive, power electronics, and solar energy are designed in this field.
Embedded Application Development
On various cross-platforms, such as Windows, iPhone, Blackberry, and Ios, this domain develops navigation subsystems, graphical, computer, and wireless networking software.
Embedded Software Engineering
The creation of software is the essential field of everything. The services provided in this field are Board Support Package (BSP), Firmware Improvement, Computer Driver Development, Linux Native Operating System Porting, Windows to Android, Blackberry, etc.
In addition, Middleware features the development of different tools for WiFi, Bluetooth, and peripheral integration.
Modeling and Simulation
It is crucial to ensure that procurement costs do not go higher until constructing the embedded item. It is important to incorporate modeling and simulation tools to sustain this model-based architecture.
This aspect helps to produce at a low cost, quality goods.
Verification and Validation
Standards such as CMM, Six Sigma, EMI, and EMC for the proper functioning of hardware and software are used to incorporate end-to-end life cycle checks. The faults of defective embedded systems are verified by these techniques.
Multiple Options in the Multicore World
There are several fields that are concerned with embedded systems. Based on your preferences and ability, you can pick any of the sectors as a profession.
Consumer electronics, telecom, automobile, aerospace and defense, industrial electronics and robotics are some of the sectors.
Hardware designer
One of the core aspects of product creation is Embedded Hardware Engineering.
This requires PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and also FPGA Hardware design and analysis.
You can start your business as a PCB designer if you are recent to the integrated industry.
Skills required for an Embedded Hardware Engineer
High-speed Microcontroller or Processor board architecture and peripheral devices such as SPI, I ²C, USB,
Design of power supplies.
Knowledge of the various tools such as the Oscilloscope, Feature Generator, Multimeter, Logic Analyzer.
You have to learn one of the Electronic Design Automation methods to become a PCB artist. We are providing the best Embedded System Course in Chennai with professional certification.

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Why choose a career in Embedded Systems?
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