Coursera Machine Learning Certificate Roadmap ✔️.

Step 1: Begin Your Data Science Journey
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

Step 2: Machine Learning Fundamentals
Andrew Ng / Stanford University Course:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&
University Of Washington ML Specialization:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

(Optional) Step 2a: If You Want To Learn ML Math
Imperial College London Math For Machine Learning:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

(Optional) Step 2b: If You Want To Master Programming
Stanford University Algorithms Specialization:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

Step 3: Deep Learning Fundamentals
Andrew Ng Deep Learning Specialization:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

Step 4: Apply Your ML Skills
TensorFlow Deep Learning Specialization:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

Step 5: Move To The Cloud
Amazon Web Services Data Science Specialization:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&
Google Cloud Big Data & ML On GCP:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

(Optional) Step 5a: If Your Focus Is NLP
DeepLearning.AI Natural Language Processing Specialization:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

Step 6: Master TensorFlow
Advanced TensorFlow Specialization:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

University of Alberta Reinforcement Learning:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

DataBricks Apache Spark Specialization:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

IBM Cloud / Web Development Specialization:*/jJiqX4sw&mid=40328&

My Step-By-Step PDF:

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Coursera Machine Learning Certificate Roadmap ✅
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