Java is the number one programming language in Business Application development. It is also one of the top programming languages. With six-month release cycles, new polyglot JVM (GraalVM), and many other innovations, Java will remain a leading programming language in years to come.

One of the key features of Java is that it has a feature-rich and vast Core library. Java Standard library covers most of the basic needs. While the Standard Java library is powerful, you will need other Java libraries in professional Software Development. With 25 years of active development and adoption in the industry and community, Java has many mature and useful libraries.

Here I am listing the top 10 Java libraries used in Java Applications in all domains. Whether you develop software for a hobby project or enterprise-grade project, you probably need most of the libraries I have listed below.

  1. Apache Commons
  2. Google Guava
  3. Jackson
  4. JAXB
  5. SLF4J
  6. Log4j 2
  7. Mockito
  8. AssertJ
  9. Hibernate
  10. Apache HTTPComponents

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Top 10 Libraries Every Java Developer Should Know
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