Evan You, the creator of the Vue.js front-end framework, recently released a new major iteration of Vite, a build tool that focuses on build speed and short feedback loops. Vite 2.0 is a complete refactoring of the previous version around a framework-agnostic core. Vite 2.0 features a new plugin format and improved programmatic API that strive to make it easy to build new tools on top of Vite.

You described Vite’s new release as follows:

Vite (French word for “fast”, pronounced /vit/) is a new kind of build tool for front-end web development. Think a pre-configured dev server + bundler combo, but leaner and faster.

[…] Vite 2.0 brings about many big improvements over its previous incarnation.

Vite 2.0 is now framework-agnostic. Frameworks are supported via plugins, a number of which are already available (e.g., for Vue, React, PreactLitElement). A Svelte plugin is in the works.


Newly Refactored Vue.js Builder Vite 2.0 Still Focuses on Speed;Is Now Framework-Agnostic
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