We all are using mobile apps for our day to day work. According to the survey, in 2017, users around the world downloaded almost 197 billion Android apps and over 25 billion ios apps. App development industry has gained momentum in the past few years and has been growing higher since. With the increasing craze for mobile apps, there’s one massive problem that has arisen for app development companies- Finding skilled developers who can develop for Android and iOS.

If you are looking to develop an app from scratch, for both iOS and android platform, React native is the best solution. React native is a framework that can be used to develop cross platform apps. It is a javascript-based framework created by Facebook to develop apps supported by ios and android platforms. One of the best benefit of using React is reduced development time, reusable code and app components. But there are some differences between the use of React Native for both the platforms. So, here we’ll see the significant differences between React native app development for android and ios. But before digging to it, let’s see the reasons of why react native is gaining momentum.

Why React Native Is Gaining Momentum?

React native allows you to alter the user interface of an app for both android and iOS development.

1. Open Source Framework-
The framework is open-source in nature. It’s structure is all set to become compatible with macOS and Windows. Rather than rewriting a code from scratch, you can reuse the already existing written code. You can it by using the React Native’s components in the code of the app you developed or reuse the same code.

2. Quick Development-
Writing a code from scratch and learning to code in java and swift is tough and time-consuming. But react native solves this issue, rather than having expertise in both, you just need to know Javascript. This makes app development quick and easy.

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