Laravel Angular Tutorial Example From Scratch is today’s topic. Laravel is a PHP Web Application Framework. Angular is the Popular Front End Framework for creating a client-side application. Today we will see how we can use both and how we can interact with each other via an API.

We simply build one interface in Angular Application and then call an API to store the data. This is just a basic Item Storage Application using Angular and Laravel. This example is a showcase of how we can use both to create a full-stack application and how we can connect with an API.

Overview of Laravel Angular Project

  • Step 1: Setup Angular project.
  • Step 2: Create a form using Angular forms.
  • Step 3: Handle the input data coming from the form using Angular.
  • Step 4: Send the form data to Laravel server.
  • Step 5: Create Laravel backend: create table, views, controllers, models.
  • Step 6: Resolve cors problem. You can finally able to save the data to the database.

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Laravel Angular Example | How To Use Angular And Laravel
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