Web development has advanced to framework era. However, interview is a time limited experience. Frequently, a frontend job interview requests building a simplified Web application, with restricted resource of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and possibly, without internet access to check syntax.

In this article, we use limited resource to build a Web application.

VSCode Preparation

We use VSCode to set up the working environment for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Create a directory, named as js.
  • Create two empty files in the directory: index.html and style.css.

Open the empty index.html, and type !. Select the first choice in the above image, and HTML scaffolding is generated:

We add to the above template.

At line 7, a link to style.css is added into the head section. In case you do not remember the link syntax, type link and enter. VSCode will generate the link element. This method works for all HTML tags.

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Interview Prep: Build Web Application Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
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