It’s very common for developers to use SQLite, a C-language library, as the datastore in mobile applications. SQLite is especially useful for offline applications, and many platforms include support for SQLite out of the box, making it straightforward to install.

In this article, we’ll use SQLite in a React Native application to set up a simple to-do list application that will show us how all the CRUD operations are working. We’ll also use TypeScript on account of its advantages like code quality and maintainability.


  • Basic understanding of React and React Native
  • Familiarity with TypeScript

Getting started

We’ll create a to-do list application that includes the following:

  • Done button: clear out finished items
  • Add ToDo button: add new items
  • Two useState calls: one for keeping a to-do list and one for tracking new to-do items
  • App component: handles user events like adding and deleting to-do list items
  • Dumb component: shows a to-do list item

Note that we’ll use a set of functional components and several new hook APIs to achieve state management.

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How to Build a Todo List App using TypeScript, React Native and SQLite
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