Today in this post talk about common mistakes you may be making in your Javascript project.

Javascript is one of the most popular language in the world but it’s still very easy to make mistakes when writing code through misunderstanding or overlooking stuff that we already know.

Undefined and Null

Javascript has both undefined and null for non-values. However, there are quite a few differences between the two. undefined means that the variable may have been declared, but nothing is set to it. A variable can also be explicitly set as undefined. The type of an undefined variable, when checking the type with the typeof operator, will show you the type undefined. Functions that don’t return anything returns undefined. On the other hand, null values have to be explicitly set by functions that return null or just set directly to a variable. When you check an object that has the null value set, you will see that the type of it is object if a variable has the null value.

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Javascript Mistakes You May Be Making
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