This edition of “AMA (AskMeAnything) with Data Science Hiring Leaders,” is being organised in association with VMware India.

Although the COVID pandemic had led to massive layoffs in the analytics and data science sectors, the impact on the analytics job market in India has not been as acute, even from a global perspective. In fact, despite the pandemic more than one in five (21%) analytics teams across firms in India witnessed a good growth over the past few months with an upswing of data science jobs from as early as August last year.

In order to guide data science professionals and enthusiasts with the necessary know-how to embark on a career in analytics and data science, Analytics India Magazine is organising this live webinar with data science hiring leaders of VMware India.

The webinar will cover —

  • Traits that VMWare look for while recruiting data scientists
  • The data science work culture
  • Data science open positions
  • Advanced data science skills required to succeed in the post-pandemic era

Who should attend?

  • Analytics & data science working professionals looking for a switch
  • Data engineers
  • Senior data scientists
  • Aspiring data science candidates
  • Developers, coders and programmers
  • Engineering / Technical College graduates
  • Data science & AI enthusiasts.

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#AMA With Data Science Hiring Leaders From VMware
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