This tutorial shares with you how to generate a dynamic XML sitemap in laravel 8. we will learn how to make a sitemap in PHP.

A sitemap is described to navigate the website. With the help of Sitemap, the user can easily go to any URL, the user has no problem in finding anyone URLs. it is a sitemap XML generator.

The sitemap provides information about our site and googles etc can easily read XML files and crawl our site and index fast.

This tutorial sees you learn a sitemap generator.

Given below example of how to generate a dynamic XML sitemap using laravel. Add the below code in your controller file and Get the data from the database you want to create sitemap URL and pass it in the view file. learn Dynamic XML sitemap generator PHP script.

So you can follow the below steps. Then learn how to make a sitemap.


How to generate Sitemap in php | Dynamic XML Sitemap in Laravel 8
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