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This video is the first part of a larger scale stock recommendation system built with Python with the example of three indices (Nifty50, Bovespa and RTSI) which are screened for technical indicators in the upcoming videos. I am covering the MySQL Installation, the Python MySQL connection using pymysql and the population of the Database in this video.

In specific we are requesting online stock price data and store this data into the MySQL database. I am keeping it scalable so that you can take even more indices.

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MySQL Download:

First video on building a stock recommender:

Pandas and SQL:

Building a SQL database with SQLite:

Windows Installation:

0:00 - 01:24 Introduction
01:24 - 05:28 MySQL Installation on MacOS (both Server and Workbench)
05:28 - 06:51 Mini Walkthrough MySQL Workbench
06:51 - 07:33 Requirements setup (sqlalchemy and PyMySQL)
07:33 - 11:05 Create schemas
11:05 - 15:55 Getting ticker symbols for the indices (+ amendments)
15:55 - 16:25 Getting stock prices with yahoo finance
16:25 - 21:45 Populating the Database with online stock prices
21:45 - 24:25 Check data in MySQL and outlook for next vid

#Python #MySQL #Stockmarket

#python #mysql #stockmarket

How to Build A Stock Recommendation System with Python - Part I: Database Setup [MySQL]
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