Today we are going to discuss Golang JWT Authentication and Authorization lets start with a funny example will you provide, someone, to enter your home without any identity a big NO right? This same thing works in the web application it is required to authenticate the user before essence request using APIs moreover this authentication done with the help of JWT, JSON web token. I think you get the idea about it. So, you are thinking of implementation? Don’t worry I have a solution for that. First Let’s understand what is JSON web Token

**What is JSON Web Token **

Is known as a cryptographically signed token that the server generates and provides to the client. Moreover used by the client for the various requests to the server.

The token uses two algorithms: HMAC and SHA26. Whereas, HMAC wants the private key and SHA26 hashes messages with message integrity.

To be more clear you also need to look at the below questions.

How does JSON Web Token look like?
What does JSON Web Token comprise?
Implementing Golang JWT Authentication and Authorization

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